Pool Tournaments take place every Monday and Tuesday from 20.30 at La Catrina Cocktails & Rock. The tournaments are open to players of all abilities! If you’d like to take part in a tournament, all you need to do is turn up on the day and pay €1 for the table. If you win, your photo will be added to the Hall of Fame, and you’ll also receive a free drink. The tournaments are part of the league, but don’t worry! League players have to play with a slightly different set of rules. The rules for the tournaments and the league can be found below, but they will be carefully explained to you before the tournament if it’s your first time. If you enjoyed playing in our tournaments and are interested in joining the league, you can find out more information here. Seasons last for 8 weeks but you can join at any time.


Players playing in the Pool League have slightly different rules from players in the regular tournaments. During all matches, League players must play call shot for every ball played, whereas tournament players only need to call the eight ball.
The following rules apply to both League and Tournament Players:
1. Every time a player makes an illegal shot (scratches) their opponent receives ball in hand. The white ball can be placed anywhere on the table, and any ball may be hit – but if an illegal shot is made with the ball in hand, then the next player receives ball in hand
2. An illegal shot is defined as:
      a) A shot that misses all balls completely
      b) A shot that makes contact with the opponent’s ball or the eight ball
      c) The cue ball (white) leaving the table or being pocketed
3. The following are not illegal shots: potting an opponent’s ball after potting your own (in which case you may continue shooting) potting an opponent’s ball after hitting your own (in which case you lose your turn, but there is no ball in hand for your opponent) and, for league players, potting a ball you didn’t call (again, you lose your turn but there is no ball in hand)
4. The eight ball must be called when the player has no object balls left. If the eight ball is potted in a different pocket to the one called, the player loses the game. Each turn the player may call a different pocket if he/she wishes. A scratch on the eight ball does not result in the game ending (unless the eight ball is potted after/during the scratch) but results in ball in hand for the opponent.