The Valencia Pool League is an eight-ball league open to players of all abilities.

The league takes place twice a week on Mondays and Tuesdays at La Catrina Cafe & Rock in Ruzafa. Each season lasts 8 weeks. Entry to the league is €5 per season. There are prizes for first, second and third place, including the chance to win your own pool cue!

For more information about the rules and format, see below. For enquiries, contact us at


The scoring system is as follows:
1 point for taking part in a pool tournament
+1 point for each victory
+2 points for winning a tournament
This means that the total amount of points that can be accrued in one week is 6 points.
Players may elect to take part in the second tournament if they didn’t win the first tournament and there are spaces. If players take part in both tournaments on one Game Night, their score is only counted from their highest scoring tournament of the night. Players may now play in two tournaments per week with the above rules still applicable. Players may spread their two tournaments over two days, playing in the first tournament on Monday and then the first one on Tuesday providing they didn’t win the Monday tournament.
For example, John plays in the first tournament. He reaches the final and loses. He accrues 3 points: 1 for taking part, 1 for winning the first game and 1 for winning the second. John decides to play in the second tournament. This time, he reaches the final and wins. In this tournament, he accrues a total of 6 points: 4 for reaching the final and winning, plus 2 points for the tournament victory. John’s point total for the night is 6 points.