Money Transfers

Whether you need to change currencies or transfer money, take a look at our quick guide below


Whether you’re planning a new life in Valencia or just here for your holidays, you may want to transfer or exchange money at some point.

As a major city, Valencia has various options for exchanging currencies. Banks, money exchange shops and selected travel agencies offer currency exchange as a service.

When exchanging money in person, you’ll need to bring your passport or other form of ID, such as your TIE card. You can usually pay by card to receive cash in euros. Banks typically close at 2pm, and money exchange shops usually close at the same time, although they may reopen around 5.

If you’d like to transfer money from another location using Western Union, you can find a map of Western Union Locations in Valencia here.

An alternative to in-person money transfers is Wise, an online service formerly known as TransferWise. Wise offers a cheap, quick solution to transferring money, allowing you to convert dollars and pounds to euros for a minimal fee. The company also offer accounts, complete with cards that you can use in ATMs around Valencia. If you’re interested in Wise, just click here.

Although Valencia is very safe compared to many big cities, be careful if you withdraw a large amount of money from a cash machine. Pickpockets can be a problem, particularly in touristic areas. Check out our safety guide for more information.

Money Transfers

Our tips for transferring money and exchanging currencies in Valencia.

For online transfers, we recommend Wise. Just click here to sign up!



Our guides are written by a passionate team of writers living in the Valencia region. 

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