So you’ve just arrived in Valencia as an Erasmus Student. Perhaps it’s your first time living abroad, or maybe this is your first trip to Spain. You’ve got a lot to look forward to!

Below you can find some useful information, guides, groups and tips to make your adventure in Valencia easier and more rewarding. We hope you have a great time in the city and we’re sure you’ll return!


Erasmus Groups

At InterVLC we’ve set up several useful WhatsApp groups for Erasmus students, locals and foreigners alike. Feel free to join any of the groups below!

Valencia Erasmus

Valencia Expats

Valencia Events and Parties

Valencia Game Nights

Valencia Language Exchanges

Valencia Travellers and Locals



We publish regular guides on our website, which we share around social media for your benefit. Our guides include:

Useful Apps





We organise regular weekly events, including language exchanges, a pub quiz, pool tournaments, beach parties and board game nights. Browse through our events section and join in!